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Whatever safe and gentle the driving may be, any vehicle needs repair.  Our company offers used Volvo parts at low cost. Experienced drivers paying much attention to high quality of genuine parts and trying to save the money, choose the dismantled truck parts.

We dismantle trucks used on European roads. The operation condition was perfect, the trucks were maintained on schedule. That's why most of truck assemblies have mild wear and can be used not effecting the driving safety.

The Volvo parts are digitally tested for defects after dismantling. This guarantees the parts genuineness and operability.

Used parts - why?

One can save the money on vehicle repair in two ways - purchasing the counterparts or used dismantled Volvo truck parts. If you choose the first variant, you take a risk to buy a faulty counterfeit. In the second variant you will get the following:

  • guaranteed quality, as our parts are genuine;
  • safety - the parts service life margin is over 70%;
  • full matching with your truck;
  • affordable price - 30% lower as compared to the official dealers' prices.

PRO TRUCK'S has huge experience in dismantling the trucks, our specialists are qualified, our reputation is excellent. So with our assistance you will repair your truck to time and quality!