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Reliable trucks rarely get out of order, but if you take the truck repair seriously and purchase the genuine parts, the repair will cost much. We offer you the certified used Mercedes truck parts, that are 30-50% cheaper than the new ones. Additionally, these parts are as good as new.

Experts advise against the non-certified counterparts for motor assemblies and other major units of the vehicle. These counterparts have low service life margin and low accuracy performance, which may lead to manual fitting before mounting the unit.

The used Mercedes truck parts presented in our catalogue have been dismantled from the best European trucks which were driven on high-quality roads and maintained on schedule. Thus we can guarantee the perfect condition and significant service life margin for all the truck parts.

Wide variety of German truck parts

Experienced drivers trust us and order Mercedes truck parts at our company, due to the following:

  • we guarantee high-quality of each part, as we dismantle the trucks ourselves in our own workshop;
  • we give full information on every part on our website, including presence or absence of defects;
  • you can order on-line with couple of clicks or using your mobile.

PRO TRUCK'S web store offers everything you need for fast and low-cost repair of your Mercedes truck.