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Truck owners can't afford saving money on the quality of truck parts, as they run their trucks under stress conditions. But we will help you purchase any DAF truck part at reasonable prices. We will cut your expenses on truck parts up to 30% or even more.

Motor bridges, transmissions, running gears, turbocharger, electrical equipment, engines and many other truck parts can be found in our catalogue. Our team dismantles the main assemblies themselves. So we are qualified to check the parts adequately and guarantee the high quality. Our assemblies' service life margin is big enough as compared to new ones'.

Why purchase the truck parts at PRO TRUCK'S?

If you need the DAF truck parts, our company's advantages are as follows:

  • we choose the low-mileage trucks purchased in Europe, their maintenance during operation being perfect;
  • every step starting from purchasing the truck up to testing the truck parts after dismantling is performed by our specialists, so we guarantee the safety of our parts;
  • we offer a wide assortment of truck parts on stock and on order.

Moreover, we offer the best prices for DAF truck parts. You don't need to waste your money purchasing the overpaid parts at official dealer. The non-certified counterparts should be beneath your notice - their service life margin is insignificant and sometimes they don't fit your truck while mounting. Repair your truck easily with PRO TRUCK'S!