Volvo dismantling

Volvo dismantling centre provides an opportunity to purchase genuine used truck parts for every truck brand. We offer critical truck parts which are hard to find even at official dealers. Our company works with genuine parts dismantled from low-mileage trucks.

The main feature of our high-quality repair is that we choose the European trucks and dismantle the truck parts ourselves. Each assembly is carefully dismantled and tested with great accuracy.

Our commitment to business, our professional skills and great experience guarantee the operability of every assembly. We help you to repair your truck for a minimum cost with the same quality level.

Choosing your Volvo truck parts

Our Volvo dismantling centre offers only genuine truck parts with service life margin over two thirds as compared to new ones. The used truck parts cost 30-50% less as compared to new ones and have the following advantages:

  • they perfectly fit your truck, you don't waste time fitting it;
  • they cause no operational problems - there's no difference with new parts operation;
  • significant service life margin - used genuine parts have longer service life as compared to uncertified counterparts.

PRO TRUCK'S is a professional Volvo dismantling centre offering a wide variety of truck parts on stock and on order.