Scania dismantling

Even the safest trucks need scheduled maintenance and repair. Especially, if the truck is handled on Russian roads. Our Scania dismantling centre provide all the necessary genuine truck parts at acceptable prices.

As opposed to official dealers, we offer the used truck parts. We deal with certified parts, being used in European countries. We purchase the low-mileage trucks and then dismantle them in our own centre.

Our catalogue presents a wide variety of truck parts with lowest wear. Our Scania dismantling centre offers the truck parts with service life margin over 70%. So you will use the parts a great while.

Available repair with dismantled truck parts

Our company catalogue presents engines, cabins, transmissions, braking system, gearbox and other details that may be used for maintenance or major repair. Additionally, you can save up to one-third purchasing the genuine used parts.

Our Scania dismantling centre provides professional service, so you will get full information on all the truck parts, the dismantled trucks and every part specific features. We will get the needed truck parts on your order if necessary. PRO TRUCK'S makes your life easier every day!