European trucks dismantling

Our workshop for dismantling of European trucks, such as MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, DAF and other well-known brands gives you an opportunity for affordable repair with used parts. We deal with genuine parts with low-mileage, which cost 30-50% cheaper than the new ones.

When applying to our company, you get:

  • genuine parts - as we dismantle European trucks, which our specialists find and move from abroad themselves;
  • substantial service life margin - the roads in Europe are mostly of perfect quality, so the truck wear is much lighter;
  • operability warranty - we perform the dismantling and testing of parts ourselves using the professional equipment.

For your new truck you should choose the used parts carefully, as the car trader can invalidate your guarantee.

Repair you truck at a profit with PRO TRUCK'S

Our European trucks dismantling centre provides:

  • Wide variety of genuine parts;
  • An option of ordering the missing part on our web site;
  • service life margin of all assemblies and units - over 70%;
  • full information on every catalogue item.

As opposed to cheap counterparts, our parts will perfectly fit your truck and serve for thousands of kilometres, there's no doubt. Repair you truck with PRO TRUCK'S!