MAN dismantling

Trucks repair is always very expensive, trying to save on parts may cause serious problems. But if you're interested in reasonable price of repair without additional risks, MAN dismantling centre is exactly what you need.

We will make your truck repair one order cheaper. We offer the used truck parts, that cost one third or even cheaper than the new ones purchased at official dealership. We can pick out the genuine low-mileage assemblies and units with significant service life margin.

Our main feature is that we purchase the trucks in Europe. So we dismantle MAN trucks that were used on good roads and had necessary maintenance.

Repair you truck easily at a profit with PRO TRUCK'S

Our trained specialists dismantle MAN trucks using professional equipment. Our team is responsible for every step of this process: from choosing the truck till preparing the part for sale. Each truck part is carefully checked in order to assure the safety, ingenuity as based on the catalogue and further preservation for sale.

At PRO TRUCK'S web store you can order cabin,  ABS, transmission, brake gear, suspension units and other elements for MAN trucks. We always do our best to provide full variety of truck parts for the most popular trucks.