Iveco dismantling

Iveco dismantling centre offers the easiest way of high-quality truck repair without going to official dealers. The truck parts in this case will not be too expensive, because the used truck parts are one-third cheaper as compared to the new ones. When it comes to genuine parts, the fact that they are used will not affect the operation.

We purchase the trucks for dismantling ourselves. We choose low-mileage trucks used on high-quality European roads.  So our truck parts have significant service life margin and you will use them for many a thousand kilometres.

Iveco dismantling centre's feature is the usage of professional equipment for dismantling and testing. So you will surely get the operative assemblies perfectly matching your truck model.

Dismantling advantages

Our Iveco dismantling centre offers a wide variety of truck parts. We offer reasonable prices and some other advantages as well:

  • operative engines, suspensions, cabin components, reduction drives and other used parts;
  • genuine certified truck parts, that will not have an adverse effect on your truck;
  • service life margin over 70%;
  • an option to order necessary truck parts.

Your truck repair will be simple, available and fast, if you work with PRO TRUCK'S.