DAF dismantling

Our DAF dismantling centre offers you high-quality and genuine truck parts at reduced prices. The used truck parts are almost equal to the new ones in operation, as they are dismantled from low-mileage European trucks used on good roads.

As we work with trucks directly from Europe, we can offer some advantages for our clients: First, we guarantee a minimum wear of the parts. Second, you get genuine certified truck parts that will perfectly match your truck.

DAF dismantling is performed with the help of special professional equipment. Thus the dismantling is extremely safe, the parts damage is excluded. After dismantling all the truck parts go through careful testing to determine the rest service life of all assemblies and units.

Any part to repair your DAF truck

Our DAF dismantling centre offers a great variety of parts, any assembly of any truck model. For instance, in our catalogue you can find the following:

  • reduction drives;
  • engines;
  • cabins and their components;
  • fuel injection and braking systems;
  • compressors;
  • compressed air systems;
  • suspensions;
  • transmissions and other.

Using dismantled parts you can reduce your charges up to 20-30% and even more. No-name counterparts may be cheaper, but they may cause serious problems any moment, too. While PRO TRUCK'S guarantees excellent service and high quality!